Solaris 10 Commands

Some useful Unix-Solaris commands that can help you while administrating SAP with this combination:
1) /usr/sbin/prtconf grep Memory To Find Memory
2) To Check th Value of Variable rlim_fd_curadb -k /dev/ksyms
rlim_fd_cur/D *** This will display the current value
ctrl-D *** This quits you out of the debugger.
3) usermod example – Add a existing user to existing groupAdd existing user tony to ftp supplementary/secondary group with usermod command using – a option ~ i.e. add the user to the supplemental group(s). Use only with -G option :
# usermod -a -G ftp tony
4) Change existing user tony primary group to www# usermod -g www tony
5) Make is located at /usr/ccs/bin/make or you can download related version of make pkg from this freebe location.
6) rsh target_host -l username date :To check rsh is working or not
7) prtdiag to get system information
8) psrinfo to get cpu-count
9) isainfo to get system architecture

sapadmin posted at 2011-6-28 Category: SAP BASIS

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